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About Sophos Media

At Sophos, we’re more than just fancy editors…

Our work in podcasting and video first started with a love of the medium. We caught the podcast and video (Youtube) bug early on, and it never left. We love the empowerment and freedom that podcasting and social video has brought about! We want to elevate voices with great ideas, and make their production turnaround as quick as possible. That’s because we’ve been where you are. We have created and produced our own podcast and video content over the years. We’ve gone through all the hurdles, and learned from the bumps and bruises along the way. We also know how intimidating it can see just to get started. Sure, there are plenty of people who simply hit record and then upload their raw audio and video and call it day, but we know that, deep down, most of those people wish they could make their podcasts and videos look and sound professional. That’s where we started our journey into learning what it takes to produce great content, and we continue that journey to this day. Our desire is to help good people with great ideas get their voices heard. We take our years of skill and experience and offer them to you.

Just Outside Franklin, Tennessee…

Sophos Media Productions provides podcast and video editing and production services that elevate your productions and free you up to simply focus on what you do best; creating great content. We have years of editing and production experience in the podcast and social video world. We offer everything from pre-production, to recording, mixing, mastering, and even release strategies.

We want to elevate your next production to a level you may not have thought possible! Reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can free you up to focus on the content, while we focus on making that content stand out in a crowded field.

Our Recording Studio

We feature professional podcasting equipment, including a variety of microphones and interfaces for those who are looking for their one-stop shop to record, mix, edit, and produce great content!

Record in Our Acoustically-treated Studio
Professional Audio Editing and Mixing
Video Editing and Production
Tuned Monitors

Lets Work Together

Is your podcast or video series ready to leave a lasting impression in a crowded digital landscape? With Sophos Media Productions, the journey to exceptional content begins now.
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