Why the Rodecaster Pro II Might Just Become Your Podcasting Best Friend

image of Rodecaster Pro II

Hey, you! Yeah, I’m talking to you!
If you’ve been on the hunt for the ultimate soundboard to elevate your podcasting game, let me introduce you to the Rodecaster Pro II. This little slice of heaven is like the Swiss Army knife for podcasters, whether just starting out or looking to take it to the next level.
Let’s dive into why this might just be the piece of gear you didn’t know you needed (until now).

First Impressions: Love at First Sound

The moment you lay eyes (and ears) on the Rodecaster Pro II, you’ll notice its clean signal that makes your voice sound like butter melting on hot toast. Forget needing a cloudlifter; this soundboard’s preamps are so powerful, they could probably lift your spirits on a bad day. The preamps aren’t all that make the sound great, however. The built-in processing and effects truly give you a polished sound that’s good enough to upload straight to your podcast hosting provider (but just in case you were thinking of doing that, don’t! You would be missing some key elements that would help your podcast succeed and be more appealing to your audience; but I digress…)

Features That Will Make You Swoon

With customizable Smart Pads, your sound effects and jingles are just a fingertip away from impressing your listeners. You can even opt to use the smart pads as midi controllers, tied to just about any midi command your brilliant mind can dream up. If you can imagine it, chances are good that you’ll be able to implement it. There are examples all over Youtube of people using it to control their streaming platform, create music in their DAW, and even control stuff on their set, like lighting. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and search Youtube… WAIT, not YET! Finish reading this article, THEN go search.

A Few Quirks to Keep Things Interesting

No relationship is perfect, right? The headphone amp could use a pep talk, especially if you’re editing in the wee hours trying not to wake the neighbors. And, it’s a bit picky with its sample rates, but aren’t we all a bit particular? The beautiful thing is, Rode is always seeking to do improvements on their system, and they are able to do so by having them come in the form of firmware updates. They’re also quite responsive to requests from their loyal community of users.

Why It’s a Keeper

Despite its minor quirks, the Rodecaster Pro II is packed with features and clean sound quality that can make even the most podcast-averse person want to start a show (Come to think of it, maybe that’s why so many people are starting podcasts?). The price point is solid at only $699, which might be a bit of an investment, but consider how many things it can do for you in one awesome package and you’ll quickly realize that they could have easily charged triple and it would still be worth every penny. That’s just how committed Rode is to bringing professional quality to their faithful fans.

I Want It Now!

We can hear you saying, “Where can I find such a wonderful wonder of modern marvel?!”, or more likely, “I WANT IT NOW!”. If you’re like us and you want something that frees you up to focus on creating more content, and you want to know that you can get it quickly, we recommend FullCompass. Full disclosure; the link is an affiliate link, which costs you nothing, but gives us a small amount for referring you. We don’t recommend anything we haven’t personally tested and used. If we don’t like something, we just won’t recommend it. Thankfully, we can gladly recommend the Rodecaster Pro II, and we encourage you to pick one up from FullCompass.com

Rode RODECASTER-PRO-II Integrated Audio Production Console

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